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Noosh. A Legacy Session this Dog Photographer in Victoria,BC will always treasure.

Yellow Lab posing on a forested trail
Noosh striking a pose

Discover the journey of Noosh, a Yellow Lab who lived large and left a mark on my heart as I spent time with her and her Family at Thetis Lake.

Capturing Noosh's Vibrant Spirit

I was contacted by Rocky, a lovely human that I got to know visiting Tora Tiki, an awesome little Tiki Lounge just a few blocks away from our home (if you want a great little spot for an amazing cocktail, be sure to check them out!). Rocky is the Mom to Noosh, a beautiful 2 year old old Yellow Lab. She was looking for a portrait session for her Heart Dog and together we planned a session that fit her vision. Rocky and Noosh frequented Thetis Lake (15 minutes outside of Downtown Victoria, BC) regularly and it was a special place for both of them. This was my first official session as a Dog Photographer in Victoria, BC since moving from the mainland earlier in the year.

We ventured out on a foggy morning, Noosh leading the way on one of her favourite trails. This dog was a bundle of energy, as to be expected from a two year old Lab. She had me huffing and puffing as I followed along the trail, getting her attention just long enough to capture an image. Nose to the ground exploring, but always looking back to check on Mom to be sure she was close by. As I took photographs, I couldn't help but feel inspired by Noosh's zest for life. She reminded me of the importance of cherishing every moment and finding joy in the simplest of things.

A yellow Lab and her Mom in the forest

Noosh's Fight Against T Cell Lymphoma

Rocky explained to me that there was a special reason behind this Photography Session as she wanted these images to create a legacy for Noosh and her family. Noosh was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma in June of 2023. There is no cure for this Cancer in dogs and it was a rare diagnosis for a dog her age, but she approached her treatment with remarkable resilience. Doing everything she could to ensure Noosh had the best possible care, Rocky left her job at Tora Tiki to care for Noosh full time. After 15 weeks of chemotherapy treatment, Noosh and her family got the news that she was in remission. Remission does not mean a cure, as cells are likely still floating around the body, but it was good news and life looked like it could possibly return to a new normal. Noosh celebrated her second birthday with Birthday hats and treats and zoomies. Heartbreakingly, this happy bubble was short-lived as just two weeks after her birthday, Noosh's family

learned the cancer was back. Treatment was now a palliative protocol, attempting to give Noosh as much time as possible and keep her comfortable.

Yellow Lab and her Family in the forest
Noosh and her people

The Bond Between Noosh and Her Family

During the photo session, I witnessed the deep connection between Noosh and her Family. They laughed and played together, creating unforgettable memories. It was heartwarming to see how they savoured every moment they had with Noosh, making sure she felt loved and cherished. This was an emotional morning, but their bond was a testament to the incredible power of the human-animal bond and I truly felt the gift I was given to capture these memories for them.

Preserving Noosh's Legacy Through Photography from a Dog Photographer in Victoria, BC

As a photographer, I had the privilege of capturing Noosh's legacy through my lens. Our session at Thetis Lake was filled with laughter, playfulness, and love. I wanted to create timeless photographs that would serve as a lasting tribute to Noosh's vibrant spirit and the special bond she shared with her Family.

Through photography, we can freeze a moment in time and preserve the essence of a beloved pet forever. Noosh's photographs will not only bring comfort to her Family but also serve as a source of inspiration for others who may be going through similar challenges. It is my hope that these images will remind people of the incredible resilience and love that dogs like Noosh bring into our lives.

Yellow Lab on a forest trail

The Impact of Noosh's Story on Others

Noosh lost her fight on Monday, January 21st of this year. She was surrounded by her family and wrapped in love as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. This was such a loss for Rocky, Jason and Ayden and there was quite a silence in their home without their spicy pup adding light to their day. I know they are forever grateful for having her in their lives, but clearly this was far too short a visit.

Noosh's story has touched the hearts of many, serving as a reminder of the strength and joy that can be found even in the face of adversity. Her unwavering spirit and the love she received from her Family have inspired others to cherish every moment with their own fur babies.

People have become more aware of T Cell Lymphoma in younger dogs and the importance of early detection and treatment, as Rocky has documented and shared Noosh's journey from day one. Noosh's story has sparked conversations and brought attention to this form of cancer in young dogs. Her legacy will continue to touch the lives of both humans and animals.

Yellow Lab posing by a pond in the forest

How Life is today

Rocky continues to share stories of her journey with her Heart Dog through Noosh's Instagram page Nooshflash. She honours Noosh's memory with snippets of everyday life, the little things that made gave them joy. Keeping busy with her Dog Walking Business, Little Pack, she finds solace in caring for other dogs on walking adventures. If you are in the in Langford, Colwood, Mill Hill, Bear Mountain, Greater Westshore area as well and some areas of View Royal and are looking for adventures for your pup, Rocky has a few open leashes available!

I think of Noosh often and am reminded that she taught me that even in the face of adversity, it is possible to live life to the fullest. I will truly treasure this session, as it yet again proves how powerful an image can be and the legacy it creates. Hope you're keeping things spicy over the bridge Noosh. <3


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