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What to Expect at your Maternity Photo shoot

Preparing for a Maternity Photoshoot with Shelly Welch Photography

woman leaning against wall wearing a sweater showing her pregnant belly - Shelly Welch Photography

Feel beautiful for your maternity photo shoot with Fine Art Photography by Shelly Welch. Pregnancy is a special time of your life and for many women, you are at your most natural, feminine, and beautiful self. Pregnancy is different for everyone and some days are more challenging than others. As your wee bean grows, we want to remember remember those days. For many expecting mothers, there’s no better way to remember their pregnancy and chronicle their journey to motherhood than a professional fine art maternity photo shoot. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel your best in your maternity photos.

My passion is for you to “Exist in Photos”, creating a legacy for you and your future generations.

Complete the Contact Form Today to Connect and Schedule your Maternity Photo Shoot.

woman leaning against wall wearing a sweater showing her pregnant belly - Shelly Welch Photography

Fine Art Maternity Photography

A fine art maternity photo session is a great way to document your journey into motherhood. It can capture your story, experiences, and where you are now. Through your maternity photos, you can show how incredible your body is and what it is capable of. More importantly, these photos capture such a special moment in your life, allowing you to look back and enjoy them in the future. This is where I can help you.

I have been taking photos of babies, mothers and families since 2010 and focusing on maternity and newborn photography for the past nine years at my Langley, BC studio and absolutely love watching them come to life, glowing, in front of my camera. You can feel amazing in one of the many dresses and layering options from my wardrobe closet and moreover, I can provide you with a gallery full of beautiful photos and memories. All you have to do is contact me to schedule your maternity photoshoot!

Now I know that arranging a photo shoot can get some people nervous, no matter what the occasion is. I’ve worked with plenty of women who are excited to have their baby bump photos taken but still feel a little nervous about the session. I am sharing some frequently asked questions and tips to help you feel prepared, beautiful, and radiate confidence for your maternity photo session.

When should we take maternity photos?

In most cases this is during your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, between 28-32 weeks. Your belly will begin to round out during this time, and bub will generally not have dropped into the belly too far yet, making it appear higher.

For high-risk pregnancies, twins, and triplets, it is recommended to have your maternity photo shoot at 20-24 weeks pregnant. Generally, you'll be feeling good at this stage of your pregnancy and able to move around freely. Multiple pregnancies tend to deliver earlier so you should consider that when booking (contact me) your maternity photoshoot.

Once you know you’re expecting your wee babe and in your first trimester, that's the best time to contact me and schedule your session. Maternity photoshoots are typically booked 5-6 months in advance to ensure a date and have options if the baby is early or late.

If you schedule your photoshoot at the last minute or around your due date, you may find that you start to feel uncomfortable and tired. You also need to be mindful that babies sometimes make an unexpected "early" arrival. I have had past clients miss out on capturing their pregnancy due to their baby arriving a few weeks ahead of time, so I always recommend being prepared!

Once you book your session, we will schedule a zoom call to plan and talk about the details. The day of, my goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident - if there's anything that seems intimidating at first, I'm here! Trust me when I say there isn't anything too weird or off-the-wall that hasn't been asked before; so, don't be shy! The whole process takes 3-4 hours from start to finish; after that, I edit your beautiful photos and turn them into heirlooms for you to cherish! When your maternity photos are ready, we have a review and ordering appointment via zoom to go through the photos and select the products.

What should I wear during my maternity photo shoot?

While there are no real rules for your wardrobe choice (though there are definitely some fashion faux pas), here are a few tips on what to wear for your maternity session.

The studio is white, so I encourage clients to wear whites, or soft neutral colours (greys, beige, taupe, soft greens, blues or pinks). Below is a list I provide to my clients: the first item is a requirement; the rest are recommendations.

  • Neutral strapless bra and seamless underwear

  • Black bra and panty set (for those black background belly shots)

  • White/ivory bra and panty set (for those white background belly shots)

  • Maternity jeans, blouse, bodysuit

  • Long, flowy or form-fitting dress (e.g., tube dress or a summer maxi dress in neutral, soft colours)

  • Coordinating outfits for significant others/husband and/or children. Keeping with neutral, soft colours

  • Any favorite scarves, accessories, jewelry, etc.

  • Any sentimental items

At Shelly Welch Photography, wardrobe options are available for you. This includes a beautiful selection of silk draping, maternity gowns, form fitting dresses, and lace robes. We also have a selection of beautiful silk flowers to create stunning portraits.

Maternity photo sessions are all about capturing the incredible changes with your body, it's all about life and connection. It is my goal to keep your images simple and clean so they stand the test of time. I prefer to focus on you as the main subject of the image, so I choose not to use many props. My goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, beautiful, confident, and empowered.

I hear Hair and Makeup are included, is this true?

We don’t cut corners at Shelly Welch Photography. Professional hair and makeup artistry is recommended for stunning portraits and included in the package. Professional Hair and Makeup is provided by Lindsay MacLean Makeup . We want you to feel beautiful and take images that you will be proud to share forever.

side view of a pregnant woman sitting on a stool - maternity photoshoot - shelly welch photography

Do we need to do any prep before our session?

Your maternity photo shoot is a day of pampering and relaxation, a day to savor before the little bundle of joy arrives. Give yourself some extra pampering to prepare for the photo shoot. Many of my clients take advantage of the extra pampering leading up to the maternity photo session and arrange for a "baby moon" experience afterward.

Preparing for your Maternity photo shoot:

  • Book a manicure and pedicure before the photo shoot. Nails and toes look so great in the photos when freshly polished.

  • If you are getting a haircut, do this a week before your photo shoot.

  • Make sure you drink lots of water during the week, so that you look radiant on camera—and hydrated!

  • Moisturize!!! Elbows, knees, hands, and toes will look so much better in photos when moisturized.

  • Get a good night's sleep, take a nap. Feeling well rested and refreshed will make your session more relaxing

Book a date night for after your photo shoot. We'll have you all glammed up by our hair and makeup artist, so it’s a great time to go out for dinner or book a “staycation” at a local hotel for some extra relaxation. It's a great opportunity to plan a "babymoon" before the baby arrives.

princess teddy bear with baby pink sparkle shoes sitting on a table - shelly welch photography

Exist in Photos! Create a Legacy for you and your future generations with Shelly Welch Photography

Contact Shelly Today to Book your Maternity Photo Shoot.

The best maternity photography sessions will not only create stunning images, but will also make you feel beautiful and confident.

You can arrange for the maternity shoot alone, or it can be bundled with a newborn and/or family photo shoot. All bundles are booked in advance. Each capturing cherished milestones with your new baby and your family. I would love to hear from you, contact me today to learn more or if you're feeling inspired and ready to get started.

Shelly Welch Photography is a premier maternity, newborn and family photographer with a studio based in Langley, BC that serves the Greater Vancouver lower mainland and the surrounding areas, including Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack.

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