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Newborn Photography Langley | Shelly Welch Photography

Natural and Timeless Newborn Photography with Shelly Welch Photography, Langley BC

Feel supported and relaxed for your newborn photo shoot with Fine Art Photographer Shelly Welch Photography. The focus of natural newborn photography is capturing your new baby using minimal props, natural poses and luxurious neutral toned wraps - creating images that will look beautiful in your home. Capturing these precious moments of the newborn stage can be so wonderful. Your wee baby will grow so quickly and it will be so special to look back on these moments when your family started growing!

I have been taking photos of babies, mothers and families since 2010 and focusing on maternity and newborn photography for the past nine years at my Langley, BC studio and absolutely love watching you and your family come to life, glowing, in front of my camera. My passion is for you to “Exist in Photos”, creating a legacy for you and your future generations.

I know many of you are looking forward to your upcoming newborn photo shoot, but I imagine some of you are also feeling slightly nervous about it, too. Do not worry, I am here to support you. I’ve put together some newborn photography tips and insights to help you feel relaxed for your newborn portraits with Shelly Welch Photography.


"Shelly is amazing! She is the best newborn photographer. We knew without hesitation, that we wanted to have our maternity and newborn photos done by her. Shelly's quality of work is excellent. She really puts in the time and it shows. She is kind, patient, caring and very artistic. We are so happy with our beautiful photos to celebrate the birth of our very long awaited baby. They are definitely special and we are so happy we chose Shelly!"


When to Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot

While you're waiting for the big day, here's something to consider: Book your newborn photo shoot ahead of time. Ideally, I would like mamas-to-be to contact me and book their sessions as soon as they are through their first trimester (12 weeks).

The newborn photography sessions will be tentatively booked in between 7 and 14 days from their due date. Once the baby arrives we adjust accordingly. I never want mamas to worry that they aren’t going to get in. We are able to work with Baby’s schedule.

Generally the normal range to photograph a newborn for their baby photos is between 7-14 days old. Some photographers will say 5-10 days, but 5 days can be too early and overwhelming for the baby and the family. I want my clients to know that 7-14 days is just a guideline.

Once the baby arrives, we will confirm your Newborn’s photo shoot date, taking into consideration how everyone is feeling, especially if mom is recovering from a C-section. Adjusting to a new human in the house can be overwhelming, so the last thing I want to do is add to any stress with feeling you have to rush in for photos.

It is totally ok to push the newborn photo shoot back a bit from the 7 - 14 day time frame. Older newborn images are just as special, and sometimes even more so!. Babies can connect with the camera as their little eyes are focusing more, which can result in some amazing images.

When you feel relaxed and starting to find your groove as a family, you will be comfortable and enjoy the newborn photo shoot. A calm and relaxing session transfers to your images. It is important to me that you are feeling good, doing well and adjusting to having a new baby in your lives.

Preparing for Your Newborn Photo Shoot

You have a new tiny human that has arrived in your home and you are all adjusting. These newborn photography tips are suggestions to help you and your baby get ready for their first portraits.

The most important thing to remember is take a deep breath and do the best you can. I am here to support you through the entire process.

  • The morning of the newborn photoshoot, a warm bath can really help the your baby relax

  • You can add some lavender to the bath or lavender lotion after the bath

  • When putting on their diaper, do it a little bit looser than usual to help prevent lines and wrinkles on the belly and back

  • The best clothes for the baby to wear is something that is easy to take off, like a sleeper with snaps or zipper. Items that have to be pulled over their heads can be tricky and wake up baby

  • No need for fancy outfits or crazy props - those can stay at home. Our photo shoots are natural, minimalist and timeless.

Choosing Your Outfit

When selecting what to wear, the best colour choices I can recommend are soft, neutral colours. This includes: white, beige, creams and soft colours (blue, dusty rose, soft greens).

I also recommend staying away from distracting patterns and focus mainly on solid, soft, neutral colours. You can dress in layers, so that you are comfortable. The studio will be warmed up to keep the baby cozy. While you are at the studio I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Parents and Siblings

When a new baby arrives there is often a lot of excitement within the family and extended family. Capturing these sweet moments is so special.

Parents and Siblings are welcome to be part of the newborn photo shoot. Newborn photography with a sibling can be requested at the time of booking.

The focus of the photo shoot is the new baby and the immediate family. I kindly ask that extended family members, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. stay home. This allows us to focus on the new baby, mom and dad (and siblings).

The Day of the Session

We all know that getting a new baby and the family ready to leave the house for an outing can feel like a big task. This is where teamwork with mom and dad working together to get the baby and themselves ready really helps. We love having dads be part of the photo shoot and helping mama and baby. Especially if mama has had surgery or a difficult recovery.

Mama, remember, do your best! I am a natural newborn photographer. I do not use props or outfits. Keeping it simple, timeless and natural with wraps and accents in soft neutral colours. So there is no need to stress about the perfect outfit or lots of crazy props.

We will start in the lower level studio for images with mom, parents and siblings. Then we will move upstairs to the baby studio that is very warm and cozy to focus on capturing the sweet newborn images of your tiny new human.

Your newborn baby is brand new and you may be brand new parents too! I am here to support you through the entire process. You are doing a fantastic job and your child will cherish these photos for a lifetime.

Exist in Photos! Create a Legacy for you and your future generations with Shelly Welch Photography


Shelly Welch Photography offers fine art photo shoots as stand alone offerings or Maternity and Newborn Photoshoot bundle. Bundles are booked in advance.

Get in touch if you'd like to learn more or if you're feeling inspired and ready to get started.

If you are newly expecting, be sure to check out the Maternity Blog to learn more about maternity photo shoots with Shelly Welch Photography.

We'll make it fun and relaxing while creating beautiful images, focusing on capturing your motherhood journey, new arrival while using minimal props, natural poses and luxurious neutral toned wraps. Creating fine art photography images that will look beautiful in your home and will become heirlooms in your family for generations to come.

I can’t wait to meet you and document these sweet new moments in your life with your new tiny baby.


Shelly Welch Photography is a premier maternity photographer, newborn photographer and family photographer with a studio based in Langley, BC. Serving the Greater Vancouver lower mainland and the surrounding areas, including Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, and Chilliwack.

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